Friday, 29 October 2010

Farewell Butterick B5415 :-(

This is how it should have looked like, but it didn't.

Last week-end I finally decided to face the truth and admit to myself that my attempt at making the Butterick B5415 dress was not going well and that maybe it was time to give up. It is meant to be a "fast and easy" pattern, which makes the pill even harder to swallow. I did try to take my time and I know I learnt a lot along the way, so it hasn't been a complete waste of time. The material I chose (a lovely black and white patterned thick cotton from IKEA) was probably not the best, and in the end I was dreading carrying on with the sewing.

I won't give up though- I will probably have a go with another, finer fabric which I hope will be easier to work with. As for my not quite finished dress, I'll probably up-cycle it into something else.

Now I am focusing more on less ambitious projects such as customising some of the clothes I have, but never wore. I used to be so bad - I would buy anything without trying. Now I'm much more careful! I have this little pile of clothes that need just a few amendments which I'm going to give to my local charity shops, and I have a few projects in the pipeline for things I'm going to keep for myself: adding a fake fur collar to a cardi, oversized buttons to a dress, customise one of my knitted hats... These shouldn't take too long and are ideal for me to just get a bit more confident.

There is also the slight problem of Christmas (ahem).  I do have plans for a few handmade projects, I have started on some of them, and was actually planning on posting a list here. So stay tuned, there will be some very easy sewing and knitting!!

Until next time!!



Cherry Plum said...

Thank you for visit my blog. I like your and im dying to see those customising clothes.

You have a new follower!


Andrew,Sally,Megan,Daniel and Lucy said...

just stumbled on your blog cos you had posted about charity shops rather than thrift stores so knew you were from uk.dont give up on the sewing,I have made some stuff that has been super easy and stuff that i think is going to be easy is really hard cos of the material choice,its such a learning curve for me too,doing upcycles is a great way to learn as well

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