Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Elvis Festival at Porthcawl

The week end before last I went to Porthcawl for the Elvis festival. I promised myself I would go this year- I'm so pleased I did!!!!

Usually Porthcawl is a little average seaside town with lovely beaches and one main shopping street full of charity shops and a wonderful haberdashery store (all already mentioned in my previous post). In September  for one week-end the town is turned into Elvis-land. Accross the years the festival has gained international recognition, especially the coveted Elvis lookalike contest.

What do you do when you just came for the day and don't have ticket for the main events? You just walk around, enjoy the music and what's going on in the streets :-)

Even the local pub was serving a special Elvis themed menu- you felt like old Elvis after eating...

The lookalikes were the best bit. Some of them were clearly there to have fun and didn't take it too seriously but others.... Well, they WERE Elvis.

Sentence of the day "Ya didn't expect to see this- Elvis walking round the store?!" Indeed. Who thought Elvis shopped at Boots?

This guy only stuck some cheap plastic jems on a white shirt and wore a dodgy wig. Notice that the guy next to him is leaning forward so that he's not included in the picture. That's the magic of Elvis.

Elvis was also busy cooking....

And of course posing for photographs...

They all loved the fact that I took their picture! They probably thought that I was some crazed Elvis fan.

Now he was really into it. Would you believe that the hair on his chest was actually combed in one direction??? When we left we saw him kissing a granny who nearly fainted. The magic of Elvis eh?

I also saw a few women with 50s style bouffant dresses entirely made of Elvis fabric. Yes, Elvis fabric. I couldn't help but wondering which pattern they used! I'm really obsessed with patterns at the moment.

I had a lot of fun. The weather as well was great, and I'll definitely go back next year!!!

Until next time!


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