Thursday, 21 October 2010

Baby gifts!!!!

One of my friends at work gave birth to a baby girl a couple of weeks ago. At first I wanted to knit some booties using my one and only French knitting book.

From Notice the very strong assertion that knitting IS easy

My mum got this book for me a Christmasses ago when I first mentioned that I wanted to learn how to knit (she was conned by the local sewing shop who charged her 20 euros). I really tried to learn how to knit with this, but I just couldn't work out what was going on from the drawings. And most of the projects are aimed at women with babies which I don't have (yet!), so that didn't really appeal to me.

When I learnt my friend was pregnant I remembered that this book had "simple" baby booties, so I gave them a go. I mentionned them in this post . And no, I didn't persevere and tried to madly knit baby booties until they turned out right, I just gave up (as usual), and turned to the Internet for anything simpler in garter stitch. Soon I found exactly what I wanted on Ravelry!!

I am so pleased about this set. I made two blankets (folded and tied by a ribbon on the picture), one is sewed and the other one knitted. The polka dot blanket's other side is just plain white and made in plain cotton, and the pink knitted blanket was made with Robin Chunky yarn. I also used some embroidery floss and embroidered the first letter of the baby's name on the bottom right corner.

As for the Kitty hat... I fell in love for it as soon as I saw it! I found this on Ravelry, I think it's called "Unbelievably Simple Baby Hat". It is so easy to make and the result is stunning. It might be a tad too big for a newborn but in a couple of months this will be perfect, and yarn is stretchy anyway. I might be tempted to make one for myself!

The whole set is now in the post and I really hope that mother and daughter will be pleased!

And tonight was my final late night at work- hurray! I will be able to have my evenings free again, which will allow me to crack on my hand-made Christmas Gifts. I will probably post a list of ideas I have soon-simple but great projects such as this brooch:

Inspired by Adventures in Dressmaking tutorial- more info and a link on Burdastyle
That's it for now. I'm so looking forward to the week-end- there are so many things I want to do!!!

Until next time,


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Noas' libellule said...

The hat is SO cute! Well done you! Super que tes journees au boulot se raccourcissent, surtout avec Noel qui approche... J'ai qqs idees en tete, mais honnetement ca va etre derniere minute comme d'hab'

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