Tuesday, 12 October 2010

80s Knitting books- not for the faint-hearted!

Yesterday my boyfriend had a surprise for me when I came back from work... he had found some vintage knitting books at a charity shop!

First book is called Knit Two from Angela King. As you will see below, some of the designs are slightly dated but I was surprised to find that some of it wouldn't look out of place in any High Street shops. Fashion eh, it just comes and goes!

This is the first project on the book, a trompe l'oeil jumper with a belt and a necklace. The picture is not fantastic but I think you can see for yourself. I wouldn't be surprised to see this coming back in fashion any time soon  (that doesn't mean I would wear it though).

Now just consider the jumper dress and forget about the 80s girl. A pink jumper dress with cable at the center? I could definitely see this on sale now.

Now I REALLY like this outfit, although I know it does look a bit 80s. These tights were so fashionable in the 80s... Looking at the credits I discovered they were Chantal Thomass. I would love to have a go at the lace black top but I can only dream at the moment- I really need more practice.

I am considering making myself a black velvet skirt similar to this....

I think this pic hasn't dated much- do you? The project is knitting a bolero with sequins. I didn't even know you could knit with sequins! I really like the sequin pill box hat she's wearing.

I might be mad but I'm sure I've seen something very similar in a shop not long ago...

I have seen countless jumpers with huge bows on the front in shops. The girl is wearing a vivid red full skirt- which are also back in fashion!!

Not sure if you can see it, but she is actually holding a cigarette. Knitting can be so edgy! I like her top though- you're safe with plain black whatever the era!

Somehow this picture doesn't want to rotate. Anyway I think you can figure out what she is holding? Yes, a tape, and a tape player which seems to have been taken from a car. She doesn't look ashamed either!!! Can you believe that this was the time when a tape player in your car was the ultimate luxury? After all this book was published in 1984.

If you are ready for more 80s knitting designs, brace yourself for... The Sweater Book!!!

The hairdo says it all

This one was published in 1983 and unlike "Knit Two" is not the work of one person but a collection of patterns from designers. And surely some of them had some crazy ideas....

...Like knitting a Matisse painting on a jumper!

 ... Having a tank top with pineapples!!!

 Or go tassel- crazy on a black cardi! Seriously, wouldn't it drive you mad after 15 minutes of wearing it?
There were so many more crazy designs but I stopped taking pictures by then. Being an 80s child I love these books- I'm sure I was wearing similar outrageous designs at the time- everyone did! That said, some things are definitely better left in the 80s!

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