Saturday, 18 September 2010

My 2 S trip (Shopping+Seaside)

Mind the tide!

There are 3 places close to where I live where I really like to escape on week-ends: The Knap (Barry),  Penarth and Porthcawl.
Today I went to Porthcawl and didn't come back empty-handed...

So what have we got here? About 14 issues of Golden Hands. These were around in the 70s and they are AMAZING. These magazines covered all sorts of crafts, whether it be embroidery, knitting or dress-making. I love their Fashion Flair section at the end where they take one accessory and show different ways of wearing it- it's all done in fashion sketching, it looks really cool. The leaflet with the girl wearing a yellow-mustardy colour suit is called "Knitting for the life you lead". I just got it for the amazing pics, and because the title made me laugh. I also got an issue of Stitchcraft from 1968, which is not as good as Golden Hands. You can see they just try to be hip but don't really succeed!!!! The Beehive baby book was so cute I couldn't resist. All these were 10p each, which I think is incredibly cheap.

I got the Butterick patterns at the local haberdashery shop, which is an Ali Baba's cave for anyone interested in sewing or knitting. They have the most amazing selection of wool- from basic, value to luxurious yarn. Their collection of buttons are incredible, and the customer service is spot on too! I knew a Butterick sale was going on there, so during the week I went to the website and drafted a wish-list. Well, more of a "I'll get it" list. So now I have all these gorgeous patterns!! Luckily a lot of them seem easy enough- apart from the 1940s one but I just couldn't resist. I also got some cute buttons shaped as scissors- I'm hoping to put them on a dress and other bits and bobs.

All this shopping made me hungry, so we went to a cafe for an all-day breakfast and a cuppa- and then we went for a walk by the sea! The weather was so lovely it would have been a shame not to!

It really felt like Spring today!

So that's it for me- no more patterns, I have plenty to last until next year. I need fabric though- all these dresses require at least 1.70m of fabric and all I have is remnants. I'm going to have to make a lot of skirts for these- not that I mind!! I saw some gorgeous plum wool fabric on Friday in a fabric store- I would love to make a long sleeved dress with it...

Until next time,


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