Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Happy Birthday Mario!

This week Mario is 25. I absolutely love Mario games, so I couldn't resist sharing this video. I'm an unashamedly assumed Nintendo nerd!!!

Nintendo fête les 25 ans du jeu vidéo Mario Bros
Uploaded by Nouvelobs. - Up-to-the minute news videos.

What is your favourite Mario game? It's so hard for me to choose... I played the first one so much so I might have to go with this one. I never managed to go beyond Level 7 so I never actually got to free Princess Peach. Oh well...

I know I have been quiet but work is very busy at the moment. I do two late evenings a week and haven't been up to much lately. I have been making this skirt for my mum's birthday, and a scarf from the latest issue of Sew Hip. I was really disappointed with the scarf as it didn't turn out as good as on the picture. I used completely different fabric which obviously gave a different result.

I have so many projects right now, but don't want to start something if I'm not feeling 100%. Hopefully things will get easier in the next few weeks, and I'll be able to make more stuff- and share it on this blog!

Until next time,



Noas' libellule said...

Happy Birthday to Mario! We play Mario Cart on the Wii at home...

Hope you manage to finish some of your projects! it is really hard (for me) to stop myself starting a new one rather than finishing one..

Popbabe7 said...

Yes me too, can spend hours on there! I have to be really disciplined with myself but I have to confess that I have a few projects going on at the same time. It's just so tempting when you get some new wool or fabric to start something with these straight away and ignore what you were doing previously! xx

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