Saturday, 21 August 2010

Today's findings!

First of all, I think the glitches on my blog's new design have been solved. Comments should have reappeared (they are now in a pop-up window?), but if anyone has any difficulties let me know!

I have found so many things today, it's unbelievable!

I am very pleased with these. First there is a book from 1985 "Learning guide to making clothes". I think it's a kid's book but the sewing basics are clearly and thoroughly explained for the dummy I am. The fabrics are outrageously 80s (think neon colours and yellow baggy sweaters) but there might be one or two timeless patterns I could use. And I got all these knitting patterns. There were much more on the counter but I couldn't buy them all. Most of them don't have dates but they scream late 50s- 60s to me. What do you think? I like the fitted Jumper on the black and white pattern on the far right. That really makes me want to master the knit purl knit purl (though it looks like I'll have much more to master before trying to make anything like this).

I also found a fantastic Black and white dress and a tartan skirt in red and grey which is going to get customised- it's way too long and I can see mini pockets and white buttons going on it! So this was all very good, because I might have spent money but it was for charity !!!!

I found these two books in The Works. I have been wanting to read "Make Do and Mend" for a while. It's amazing to see how mentalities have changed in 60 years. I really wonder if people (including me) would be able to make such sacrifices and be careful with every single thing nowadays. Some of the advice is obviously completely obsolete today but the bits about saving energy around the house are great. There are also great drawings of 1940s dresses and ideas to make them last longer. This book is going to be a good reminder that life could be so much harder when I start whinging too much! I only picked the other book because I saw it was about knitting. The whole book is made as a mock-up End of Year High School Book, something I didn't realise when I picked it up. While most of it seems very over the top I might give one or two things a try...

Arf, the Eiffel Tower dress! Are there really that many French exchange students going to the USA and do they make such a lasting impression? Seriously, every high street shop seems to have some random French words or Eiffel Tower printed jumpers this year. This wouldn't be too much out of place. I'm not sure I'll give it a go though.

I also treated myself to some nice buttons (small things make me happy):

The burgundy buttons on the left are HUGE! I love love love oversized buttons. I am thinking of sewing one on the collar of a plain black jumper. The black and white ones are the same as ones I already have, only a bit bigger. They're simple but so stylish! I made sure I checked there were plenty left if I ever want to buy some more.

I also managed to get the latest issue of Sew magazine. They are giving away a Simplicity pattern with 5 pieces (2 trousers, 1 jacket, 1 bolero and 1 dress) so I'm going to have a go at the dress, using some of my lovely IKEA fabric. I'll let you know how I get on!

Until next time,


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Noas' libellule said...

Yeah!!! I can leave a comment. nice finds, I love the student exchange one, so... not French! Good luck with all your projects.

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