Wednesday, 18 August 2010

New new new!!!

As you can see I have been busy changing some of my blog, mainly the name (could I find even a longer name??) and the template. The content won't change though, I'll still be hopeless at posting pics of things I have made- like my orange skirt. I do have a picture but you can't really see the skirt in itself. Oh well I might as well post it:

I used Kwik Sew Easy Skirt Pattern 2805. The fabric is from IKEA- I find them so easy to work with. However I was dissapointed with the orange thread I picked. It was Coats Duet and I can safely say I'll never use their threads again! It kept breaking and tangling itself- not a good thing for a beginner like me! I still managed to make this in a couple of hours. The skirt has an elastic casing which can be a bit uncomfortable after a while but overall I love it and have been wearing it with pride a few times! (So far it hasn't fallen apart in the street so I must be doing things right!)

A while ago I wrote a post about my disaster dress. Well on Monday evening I decided to try to turn the bottom half of the dress (which fitted me) into a nice and neat A Line skirt. And I managed to do it! And I put a ZIP on the side (huge achievement by my standards!)!! I was so pleased that part of this fabric- which I really like- could be saved!! I haven't taken any pics yet- a very blurry, taken-in-distance pic will probably appear in 6 months time, knowing me!

Next things on the to-do list:

  • Carry on trying the knit purl knit purl until it doesn't look like a set of knots. I must learn this before Christmas- otherwise half of my Christmas list is in jeopardy!!
  • Try one of the Burda patterns I uploaded from their website (which I recommend)
  • Make a skirt for my mum's birthday- she'll be well chuffed!!!
Right now, time to go to bed. Tomorrow is a very important day at work, so I'd better get some rest!!!

Until next time,


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