Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I have been very busy these last few weeks, and this means that I have been rubbish at updating this blog. So I thought today I'll share a few pics from my long week-end in Weymouth. We went there to visit my boyfriend's grandparents. I sort of knew them before -I already spoke to his gran on the phone, but this was the first time I was meeting them in the flesh. They live in a very cute semi-detached house in Weymouth, with a fantastic garden at the back full of flowers and aromatic plants. They have a whistling kettle (a whistling kettle!!!!) and they get their milk in glass bottles from the milkman. They were quite amused by my ability to find everything in their house fantastic.

The weather was fairly good most of the time, it was quite windy but we went to several places around Weymouth that were absolutely gorgeous. Below is one of these places.

Ringstead is a private beach owned by the Duke of Bedford (or so I'm told). You have to pay £5 to park and the road is in a bad state, but the beach is extremely nice. The bit of land you can see in the background is Portland...

...And this is the view from Portland! We went there the day after. They have two prisons there, one of them is underground. Weymouth and Portland will play a big part in the Olympics as they're meant to have some of the water sports there.
We spent most of the days out and about and in the evening we were back at house with a cup of tea, chatting in front of the telly. My boyfriend's gran is an extremeley talented crafty person. She sews, she knits, and she has a lot of taste. She makes wonderdul quilts from the most beautiful pieces of velvet I have seen. Obviously we got to talk a lot about crafts in general and in the conversation she mentioned that she had a sewing machine, but she couldn't use it anymore as it wasn't working. I have spent a lot of time fiddling with mine and read all about what could go wrong, so I asked her if she minded me having a look at it? She was more than happy to please and I really got excited when I saw this:

A Singer Capri, circa 1970s according to her. Oh the work of art!!!! She also had the instruction booklet which was a life-saver. So there I went. I started looking at the bobbin case and gave it a clean, without taking anything apart. I found a bit of fluff which might have stopped the machine to work properly. I then started to thread the needle, which took a bit of time as the drawings weren't very clear!! But when I pressed the pedal it was working! I managed to get a perfect straight stitch straight away. I should have stopped there but I didn't, I decided to give the inside of the bobbin case a proper clean. I did find a lot of fluff but I also lost one of the screws (we found it eventually) and couldn't put the bobbin case back. Oh I was so mad at myself for spoiling the whole thing! After a few hours I let my boyfriend have a go. And he fixed it!!!! He's my hero (he was already before that anyway!).
So now his gran can use her sewing machine. I'm so pleased for her, she was hand sewing everything but now she will save some time. She gave me loads of scraps of fabric and vintage buttons. It was really nice talking about crafts with somebody so talented.
I'll also have to show you my latest creation, a very simple A-line skirt made from some fab IKEA fabric. This was the first time I used a pattern and I was extremely pleased with the results.
I shall leave you with a last view of Weymouth, the Clocktower by the beach, right in the town centre. I really liked Weymouth. I can't wait to go back!

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