Thursday, 8 July 2010

Weymouth (again)

Here are a couple more pics from Weymouth. This visit was so inspiring and gave me lots of ideas. I generally never have any time off unless I go home, but now I might try to treat myself to a long week-end every now and then. It was strange seeing all the England flags out as I'm so used to see the Welsh ones instead! Some of the town centre had a bit of a continental feel to it, but at the same time still manage to look so British.

In one of these streets I went into a shop. I wanted to buy everything in there! Instead I decided to take a picture. This will inspire me for any future creation!

They had Punch and Judy on the beach! We have the same sort of thing in France called Guignol.

I love walking on the beach. Where we live in Wales we are quite spoilt as we have lots and lots of different beaches to go to. The beaches around Weymouth reminded me a lot of Noirmoutier, where I used to go on holiday when I was young. It is probably why I liked it so much!



Noas' libellule said...

Super tes vacances! Alors la rencontre des aprents, pas trop dure...I had to google noirmoutier, although I was not too far off, looks great!

Popbabe7 said...

C'etait juste les grand-parents donc ca allait! Je connais ses parents depuis un moment. Maintenant je me demande pourquoi j'ai mis aussi longtemps a aller a Weymouth- ca n'est pas si loin et la route est directe.

I know, I love this place so much. It's the only place I don't mind cycling as it is so flat! x

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