Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Hand-sewing project list

I’m on holiday in a few days! (Reading this blog it looks like I’m on holiday all the time, but I’m not!) Going back to France, as usual, leaving behind me the boyfriend and work. The boyfriend should be fine since he’s just had his subscription to Xbox live renewed, and work will have to cope without me for a bit (and they will).

Since I’m going to my parents and they’re on holiday as well I know we will take it easy. Ironically this would be the perfect time to improve on my sewing skills, especially on the sewing machine. Unfortunately I can’t bring it back with me so I’ll have to stay busy with some non-sewing machine projects.

I did think about taking some knitting with me, but the projects I have at the moment are mostly made with chunky, woolly yarn and I don’t see myself working on this when it’s 35 degrees. Maybe I’ll take some cheap acrylic yarn and make a little hat like I did a few month ago. I also started on a pair of baby boots for a friend of mine who’s giving birth soon, but the first one is all pointy... It looks like something made for a baby troll. I still have a bit of time though so I’ll keep practicing until I manage to make some normal-looking baby boots!

Searching for some easy, sewing machine free projects, I came up with a list of ideas. I have no idea whether I’ll be able to do all this, but these are inspiring ideas. They could also make perfect stocking fillers come Christmas (oh dear, I’m thinking about Christmas already. I’ve lived too long in this country!!!)

· Stitched greeting cards: I saw this in one of the past issues of Sew Hip, a great magazine that has tons of ideas, and gave it a go using the bird template included. All you have to do is draw a shape of your choice, pierce regulars holes with a needle on the outline and sew on top of it. I really liked it and can’t wait to try new designs.

· Pin cushion: One of the first thing I did while trying to use my sewing machine. I use some of my old tights that I chop up so I know they’re still used in a way. You can also make scented mini cushions for the wardrobe if you pour a few drops of essential oils on the stuffing. Alternatively stuff with dried lavender- I have sachets that are a few years old and still smell lovely.

· Yoyos: Another discovery from Sew Hip. I really love yoyos as they are so easy to make. I might start on a yoyo quilt but this might be a bit too ambitious!

· Little pockets and bags, bunting, stuffed toys that use any scraps of fabric

· Cross stitching: I had a very short obsession with cross stitch when I was 11-12 and even got a book for my birthday. I was hardly rebel material! Soon I gave up and tried to make my own jewellery instead (my sister fondly remembers the hair clip with bows made out of kitchen towel I gave her for her birthday.) When I started looking into crafts again the whole embroidery/ cross stitching wasn’t very appealing to me. All I could see in shops were not really my cup of tea (although I saw once in a shop in France a stamped cross stitch kit of Johnny Hallyday which I would have done for a laugh but it was more than 50 euros, and it was just his face!) But of course on the internet there are some pretty awesome projects that can be very inspiring. I found a project called Union Jack Pin cushion on a site called Cut out and Keep (www.cutoutandkeep.net). I loved the design so much that I was straight in the sewing shop, buying all my thread and supplies. I hope it turns out as good as the one on the website.

If you have any ideas please add them in the comments- there are so many great ideas going around the net!


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