Saturday, 8 May 2010

Proclaiming my love for dogtooth!!

I am a big lover of dogtooth patterned clothes. I have scarves, tights, skirts, jumpers, dresses, coats, all with a bit or a lot of dogtooth on them. With dots and tartan it is my favourite pattern.

(Unfortunately I am not the owner of the dress above, I am only dribbling like a big Labrador when I see this dress and many others, on this website.)

As you know from my previous post about my car seat making experience I am left with quite a big amount of dogtooth fabric. My sewing skills being next to 1 on a scale of 20 I didn't want to venture into making a dress like the gorgeous one above just yet, so I used a little bit and turned it into a bag!

(Sorry about the background mess that says a lot about me and our flat: it's messy, I leave my sewing stuff everywhere and we quite like playing on the Wii...)

Now I am really really happy with this, I know it's not perfect but believe me, I really thought it wouldn't turn into anything at all. The fabric I used as a lining is the most gorgeous silky red fabric ever. The handles and magnetic snap came from a bag which was only £4. I saw it and thought "Just what I need for my bag".

I did use some interfacing on both outside fabric and lining but got really confused when it got to sewing them all together, so I had to start again a few times. Oh and the handles weren't centered so I had to play a bit with the sides. But anyway it's good enough for me, and it was a great way to practice.
Before I go, one last picture. This was taken last week-end, on some woods near where we live. I really like this picture and thought I'll share it with you!

That's it for now!


Noas' libellule said...

Je savais pas que ca s'appelait dogtooth... Je me demandais ce que tu allais nous presenter! Well done on the bag, looks lovely...

bisoudoudou said...

il est bien mignon ce petit sac, j'adore les poignets

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