Thursday, 27 May 2010

My latest dress-making adventure!

Oh dear. Tuesday evening I tried to make another dress, the same shape as my dogtooth one. I chose this Fabric I got from IKEA as a remnant (quite a big piece though):

(Picture taken from the IKEA website)

Lovely isn’t it? I really like the pattern on it, and it was so easy to cut and handle that I thought I was going to have a wonderful sleeveless dress in a matter of a few hours.

Unfortunately it didn’t turn out quite as I hoped it would be...

First my sewing machine was playing up and the bobbin thread looked all messy. I also tried practicing my zigzag stitch, which I never really tried before, and used some white contrasting thread (mental note to myself: forget about contrasting thread until you know how to sew perfectly!!). So instead of zigzag I had a whole new stitch I called zogzog. Anyway after a while (spent mostly cursing under my breath), the dress was finished. Then I decided to try it on as it didn’t look that bad, and the shape looked fantastic.

I stepped back in the living room, in front of the mirror, and my other-half greeted me with a “Hey, that dress turned out ok in the end, it looks quite cool!”which was lovely considering he witnessed the rage/ cursing episode mentioned above. The only problem? I felt like I couldn’t answer back. The dress was so tight on the chest that it was like trying on a corset from 19th Century. I was a bit upset, because apart from this it fitted perfectly, and the pattern gave it a quirky feel. But it was too uncomfortable, so I thought I’ll take it off and see what I could do with it.

Only I couldn’t take it off!!

I tried for a few minutes on my own, and then like a perfect damsel in distress asked my knight to deliver me from this beast. The following couple of minutes were probably extremely funny to watch: me tied up like a giant rôti and my boyfriend trying to push any way he could to get me out of the dress, crying with laughter. I could hardly breathe, let alone laugh but still I thought that was hilarious as well. Finally, he managed to pull it over my shoulders by standing on the bed above me. What a hero! I was already thinking about getting the scissors to cut myself free from it and ruin the whole thing.

I am going to try to put it in the wash and stretch it while damp but I’ll doubt it will do anything. Still, it was sewing practice and gave us a good laugh!

On another note, Sunday is Mother’s day in France. I made a couple of things for my lovely mum: a summery handbag, an apron and some orange oil scented fizzy bath salts. The handbag’s fabric is stripy red and white with little flowers and the lining is white with red dots- very Cath Kidston! The apron is made from the same red and white stripy fabric and the lining is satin blue. I did try to take pictures but it didn’t come up well- stripes are a bit tricky and I’m only using my phone to take pics.

That's it for now- I have bought a couple of patterns that I should receive soon. So far my two dresses were just made from the shape of a dress I own. I did try patterns before but never on this scale. All I can tell you is, watch this space, there might be some more hilarious mishaps!

Until next time,


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Noas' libellule said...

Very funny story... Well done for perseviring! They could not take off my wedding dress, twice, so it happens to the best of us!

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