Monday, 29 March 2010

A Little Update

Sorry sorry sorry for not updating my blog!! Lots of things have happened these last few weeks. I have been off sick and for a week and a half couldn’t do anything as I was just too tired. At some point my temperature went so high that I started having really weird dreams of smuggling cars full of giant knitting yarn from France to the UK while being chased by WW2 German officers. In a way it’s better I didn’t try updating my blog. I don’t know what nonsense I would have come up with.

It has gone a bit quiet on the crafty things side. At the moment I am frustrated with how the knitting is going. Let’s face it, apart from knit on one row and purl on the other I don’t know much. I have tried the knit purl thing to make côtes but when I change row I just can’t carry on, all the stitches get muddled. This is the first set-back since I have started knitting so I’m a bit upset by it. I am thinking I must be quite stupid, especially when I see what other wonderful things people manage to do. Being incredibly lazy I feel very tempted to give up. But I won’t just yet- I’ll keep trying. I just need to master this knit purl thing and just want to be able to do more things.

The good news is that I have finally managed to set up my sewing machine properly. Thank Youtube for this- they have good videos that were much more helpful than the instructions manual I got. So I have a few projects lined up which will certainly appear on this blog.

That’s it for now- I promise I’ll try to keep you updated on any exciting project I might have!

Until next time



Noas' libellule said...

Poor you, I hope you are feeling better, sounds awful! Il ne faut pas désespérer pour purl and knit. Sur you tube, il y a plein de videos sinon le site de Lion Brand a un glossaire avec des dessins qui peuvent t'aider. Sinon, il faut compter et noter toutes les mailles (knit à l'endroit devient un purl a l'envers et vice versa)....C'est assez primaire comme solution mais ça aide. Bon courage et surtout n'abandonne pas! Et j'espère voir de nouveaux projets sur ton blog... I now understand why you were excited about Wales against France in the 6 nations...

Melanie said...

I remember when I started doing the knit purl in the same row, it took all of my patience not to throw it against the wall. But keep at it, and you'll get it eventually!

Popbabe7 said...

Oui je vais beaucoup mieux, merci! Ironie du sort c’est le jour où j’étais le plus malade que j’ai reçu un colis de mes parents avec plein de bonnes choses dedans comme des Pépitos et des fraises Tagada...

Ton astuce pour compter et noter les mailles m’intéresse beaucoup, je n’y avait pas pensé! Il faut juste que je persévère c’est tout. J’ai tendance à me décourager assez vite, mais c’est vrai qu’avec Internet maintenant c’est plus facile de comprendre plutôt que de passer des heures à regarder le même schéma sur un bouquin!

Hope you enjoyed the Brecon Beacons! xxx


Melanie, is your RSI getting better? Hope you’ll feel better soon! xxx

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