Monday, 8 February 2010

La Chandeleur

I had quite a busy week and had loads of things to share in this blog but somehow didn't manage to sit for 5 minutes! So tonight I'm going to add on a few things- if I can be bothered!

Last Tuesday was La Chandeleur, so I decided to make crepes as it is usually the custom in France. I absolutely love crepes, they are tasty, fill you up and you can have sweet or savoury ones- what's not to like?

Crepes are a lot like pancakes, the only difference-I think-being the size? Crepes are bigger and thinner. The most favourite fillings are plain sugar (no lemon juice though), cocoa powder or...NUTELLA!!! This is a big favourite amongst French girls, the really decadent treat being Nutella and whipped cream crepe.

The recipe is very basic and only contains a few ingredients: 300 g of flour, 4 eggs, 125g of sugar, and 500 ml of milk. Just put everything in a bowl and mix with an electric mixer until there's no lump left. You can then add a bit of flavouring: orange blossom water, vanilla extract, rum... I know some people add a bit of beer to make the crepes lighter.

As you can see there is no oil or butter in this recipe. You only use a bit of oil for the pan, and if you use a non-stick one like mine you hardly need any fat.

My favourite part (apart from eating them) is to flip the crepes! (I did cheat and use a spatula
for most of them though...)

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