Monday, 8 February 2010

A girly bag with bra handles

When I started knitting about 6 months ago I was a bit scared of creating anything. Looking at patterns didn't really help either! So I used to just cast on and knit, knit, knit and knit until I picked up a bit of speed and felt more confident. I didn't know how to cast off either so I was a bit stuck!

One day when I was in France I picked up a lot of really cheap pink acrylic yarn from a local shop and thought this was ideal for me. I trained on it, but then started the little blanket and forgot all about my pink yarn.

A few weeks ago, mesmerised by my successful attempt at making actual things out of my knitting (the blanket), I decided to cast off and see what I could do with my pink knitting. I sewed the sides, and thought it might look nice as a mini-snood... But the acrylic made it look tacky and I didn't feel too inspired by it. Until I turned it into this little bag!!!

I thought it would be great as a little girly bag to store stuff like cotton balls or make-up remover pads. Last week I decided it would even look better with handles and decided to set myself a challenge: find a way to make handles without spending any money, with anything I might find in my flat. I got an old bra-bought years ago and worn to death, teared it up, used the bows to embellish the bag and sewed the bones and padding of the cups (my "handle skeleton") to give my handles some shape. All I needed to do was to knit some handles to sew on top of the handle skeleton.

The result? A little girly bag that is probably better off staying on a shelf in the bathroom- the handles were a nice try but I don't think they could stand any weight. There is no lining on the bag either so I don't want to put make-up or anything liquid in case I ruin it.

Until next time,


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Melanie said...

That bag is definately what I call Thrifty Knitting! I'd never have thought to use bra wires! It looks great!

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