Sunday, 14 February 2010

Creative week-end

So far my week-end has been very creative! I finally finished my mini red wool cape and am really pleased with it. It could have been a bit longer, so my next project is to knit another one using the same pattern but modifying it a little. I did all the calculations myself and was relieved it turned out OK. Maths is usually not my strongest point.

Funny how some scribbles can turn into this!

Sorry for the pic, this was hastingly taken on my webcam! This cape is so warm, it is ideal at the moment! The button hides a small snap-fastener and is massive. I love bright oversized buttons.

It also showcases my first attempt at purling! I went to a knitter's meeting on Thursday and some of the people there were nice enough to take time to show me how to do it.

I also started on another purse on the same model as the stripey one I did a few weeks ago. It was really quick to make! I didn't bother with snap fasteners this time though. I really like how the button and the lining match (and no, I don't like dots at all!!!)

And finally yesterday, despite having an awful migraine I decided to make Quatre-Quarts. Another classic French recipe, so simple and versatile!!!

For a small cake you need to weigh two medium eggs. Their weight will tell you how much sugar, flour and butter you will use as you need the same weight for all ingredients (hence the name- Quatre Quarts means 4 quarters). I cheated a bit and but less butter and some orange blossom water to give it good moisture and taste! First melt the butter, then blend all ingredients together in a bowl until you get a smooth paste(you might want to add a bit of baking powder) . Pour this in a buttered mould and leave to cook at Gas Mark 7 for about 40/50 minutes. Check the cake is cooked by putting the blade of a knife in the cake. If it comes out dry, the cake is ready.

You can put whatever you want in this cake: chocolate chips, raisins, lemon zest... It is so easy to make as well! I've got no pic unfortunately...It has gone down quite well- half of it is already gone!! But I'm sure I'll make another one very soon!!!

That's it for now, but the week-end is not over yet!!

Until next time,


Melanie said...

The cape is gorgeous! It's fun watching a pattern grow from some squiggles on paper into an actual functioning object! Can't wait to see more of your projects!

lucile said...

Ton blog est très joli et je continue après ma visite chez Knitspirit.
Si ton amoureux s'appelle Rowan, c'est extraordinaire il faut vite acheter de la laine anglaise de cette marque, tu ne seras pas déçue, et ne regrettera pas notre Bergère de France...

Popbabe7 said...

Merci Lucile pour ton commentaire, je pense que je vais definitivement essayer la laine Rowan et peut etre confectionner quelque chose pour mon Rowan!

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