Monday, 4 January 2010

Back to reality

Holidays are now truly over and 2010 is already here- how scary. I have just spent two very restful weeks in France at my parents, watching "Qui veut gagner des millions?" , eating croque-monsieur, buche au chocolat and drinking Kir Royal. I have also cut my fringe too short, bought some dresses, took the B.A, a local train with only 2 wagons and drank some more kir Royal. Being in France is now so exotic to me that I gaze at the marvellous delights on display at the patisserie, get all nostalgic when I hear accordeon (I never used to like it) and can eat a whole baguette at once- never underestimate the power bread has on French people.

Christmas was great, and the little blanket for my sister's dog was finished just in time before the big day (or evening, as we celebrate Christmas on the evening 24th). Here it is, proudly displayed on my parent's couch:

It's not perfect but it's not too bad for a first attempt. It was actually red and black which are the two main colours in my sister's flat. When my sister saw it, she was really touched and decided it was too nice for her dog to have as he does like to nibble his blankets... I still managed to take a picture of him with it before it was "for his eyes only".

You can also notice how great an actor he is; sitting in his comfy basket by the chimney, having just been treated to a Christmas stocking full of dog treats and a big cuddle from everyone in the family he still manages to look as if he was the unhappiest dog on Earth...

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