Monday, 14 December 2009

Latest fashion acquisition!!! And homemade Christmas idea!!!

I've been really naughty tonight and made an offer on Ebay for this gorgeous LAMB Houndstooth jumper:
I've been dribbling like a Labrador over it for months and now it's MINE! MINE! MINE! That is my treat for being a good co-worker and treating my colleagues to some homemade Coconut Truffes, recipe below!

Coconut Truffles/ Truffes a la noix de coco

You will need:

200g of good quality chocolate

A vanilla Pod but I used vanilla extract and no one seemed to mind

100ml of cream

30g of butter

Some dessicated coconut (150g roughly)

First you need to break the chocolate into small chunks. I used a rolling pin and a plastic bag to avoid any spillage of chocolate. The original recipe was telling me to grate the chocolate but I'm a bit lazy and thought "I'm going to be doing this all day" so after 2 minutes I got my rolling pin and shattered the chocolate into pieces. We're on the top floor so this must have been a bit of a surprise to my neighbours!!! The chunks need to be quite small by the way. You'll have to put them in a heat proof container (Plastic Tupperware will do)

Put the cream in a pan with either the grated vanilla pod/ a bit of vanille extract. Wait until it is just boiling then pour it over the chocolate. Leave the chocolate to absorb the heat and start mixing, you should get after a while a nice shiny chocolatey mixture. If some chunks refuse to melt don't worry- the butter should sort them out. In the same pan that you used for the cream put the butter and melt it gently over very very low heat- you don't want it to cook too much. Pour it over your chocolate mixture and mix it. Once it looks all mixed nicely put the contained container in the fridge and leave it for a couple of hours (the chocolate will "catch" any smells in your fridge so you DO need to cover it).

All you need to do now is to make the truffes. First prepare a plate with the dessicated coconut or whatever you want to put on your truffes- I didn't have cocoa but this is generally the tradition.

With a spoon, take some chocolate (the size of a marble) and roll it in a ball with your fingers.Roll it in the coconut et voila! You've made your first truffe. I made two batches that I put in little treat bags for my work colleagues. I think this is a really good gift idea if you're searching for something that is a bit more personal this year. But as they are homemade and contain cram they should be kept in the fridge and consumed in the next 2 days- but I bet they won't last that long!!! And also check that no one is allergic to coconut!

(Of course I should have made pictures before giving them away...but i didn't...)

That's it for tonight- not long before the Christmas break now!!!

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