Monday, 7 December 2009

Bath bomb time!!!!!

I love bath bombs. I tend to buy the Sakura one from Lush that smells like you're under a huge cherry blossom tree and never really thought about how they were made/ if I could make some myself until I found this.

So I thought I'd give a go at making bath bombs. Finding the stuff was not too hard, I know some people had a hard time finding citric acid but Wilkinsons has a "make your own beer/ wine" section that sells it by pots of 50g. Salts can be found at Holland and Barrets and the rest is very easy to find. You do need to use a grinder if your salt comes in thick grains. I used lavender oil for my first batch and the flat still smells after a few days.

So how did it turn out then? Well first I spilled half of the salts on the floor, but that's kind of part of the fun of making things on your own. I used some pink food colouring as I was planning on using heart- shaped ice cube trays. With the proportions given, I managed to do the tray and 3 different sized cookie-cutters. One of them crumbled :-( but the rest turned out great!!! I used the crumbled one in my bath tonight and it did really fizz at the beginning, but what I really liked was that it didn't dry my skin at all probably thanks to the oil (I mixed 2 parts almond for 1 part sunflower)

I would definitely recommend this as a cool Christmas gifts for your family. The only thing is that as it is made with essential oils it is not recommended for babies, pregnant ladies or anyone a bit fragile, and as it is a bit oily you need to be careful when you get out of the bath. I will get some pics loaded at some point but right now I'm off to have lavender fuelled dreams!!!

PS: The website mentioned above has some out-of-this-world projects ideal for Christmas- check out the Super Mario Mushrooms Christmas ornaments. Very very very cool!!!

EDIT: I have done now my second batch, but the metal cookie cutters I used have now gone all rusty so all around my bath bombs are little browny dots- not nice at all. I should have known better and remembered the last few leftovers of my Physics/ Chemistry lessons 10 years ago: Metal corrodes with acid (I suspect the culprit here is the citric acid)! All the rusty bits can be removed by grating softly the bath bomb but what a waste! So if you're thinking of giving a go, use plastic cutters/ molds!!

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